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Frequently Asked Questions

When using our tools or equipment, your peace of mind is our priority.  Which is why our team of experts are available to assist you and have put together some frequently asked questions:


What do I need to provide in order to hire?

Copy of Identity document, proof of address not older than 3 months

Is a deposit required?

Yes a deposit is required

Are the tools insured?

No the customer needs to insure the equipment

What happens if a tool is damaged or breaks whilst using it?

Inform us immediately and we will repair or replace the unit.

What happens if a tool is lost or stolen?

Inform us immediately, however, the customer will be liable for costs incurred.

What happens if I return the tools dirty?

We expect the equipment to be returned in the same condition as it was supplied failing which we will invoice the customer accordingly in order to get equipment back into original condition

Do the power tools burn out/ Why?

Yes they can burn out if incorrectly used or it is the wrong tool for the application.

What petrol does the equipment use?

Petrol units use unleaded fuel and two stroke units use the recommended two stroke mix.

Should I buy or hire our tools or equipment?

This is dependant on each customers individual needs, however, the benefits of hiring are, there is no upfront capital expenditure, no maintenance costs, and replacement equipment available if there are breakdowns.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver